Painting a Ceiling

Few are born with the gift of good taste and artistic skills. In our daily lives we do not miss those skills or talents. However, sometimes you have to use to paint the walls of the house.
Painting the ceiling is not a complicated business, you simply have to follow some techniques and do not be uncomfortable. You will see that in the end you will get wonderful results and get a spectacular ceiling. You just need to know what you want to get, what Colours are going to use and, above all, the tools you have on hand.

As a first step you have to clean the ceiling with a damp cloth to remove any impurities that may have, such as dust, cobwebs and bumps.
We must take into account the tools that we can buy or we have at home and the type of paint with which we in the stores. Always try to mess as little as possible and achieve a perfect finish.
It is preferable to move all the furniture located in that part of the house in which it is to paint the ceiling. If this is not possible, then the furniture and decorations should be plugged with the help of plastic or fabrics.
The soil should be completely covered with newspaper or paper well, we cover it with a large plastic shield.
Before applying the paint, any damage to the roof must be repaired, either a crack, damp, old paint peeling. Depending on the size of the impurity specific product recommended. The market offers a wide range of products such as silicones, sealants, etc. It is important to follow the instructions of these repairers and you proceed as explained by the manufacturer.

Brush or roller?
The preparation of the paint to be applied to the ceiling can be done in a large bowl with enough depth, stirring the mixture well, especially if you are going to use solutions or large quantities.
With a small round brush, begin to paint the corners and inaccessible areas, an outline of five to ten centimetres wide. This will help you, when we take the roll to the ceiling, the paint does not stain walls.

What you cannot miss
The tools cannot help but have to paint the ceiling either are long-handled roller, drip tray, small brush and of course, painting.
The brush roll can replace, but make sure it is thick enough and round. The drill must be crossed once or twice when we extend the paint, but always ending in the same direction. Even aif you have got this far and you think I can’t deal with this then there are other solutions. Check out this website.

A trick
One trick to avoid staining our clothes with dripping brush or roller is place a cardboard fixture on the handle, as a kind of lamp, and go changing it when full of paint.

The effects
Colour can be used to modify the size, distribution, style and the temperature of the house. Studies have found that painting the exterior with pastel Colours retain cooler weather; in colder climates, dark Colours. Outside will absorb the heat and keep the indoor climate warmer.
If you want to raise the ceiling, paint it with lighter Coloured walls. For elongated room, paint one wall a contrasting Colour, it will change your appearance.
To feel a warmer room ceiling painted with red, orange and yellow Colours. The blue and green make the room feel cooler.
Most important in the choice of Colours is to be clear about the purpose.
Other techniques
Always paint in one direction.
Confirm that the temperature at the time of painting is not less than 20 degrees.
It is not recommended to paint on rainy days. Relative humidity should be below 75 percent.
If you’re going to use paints that have been kept for long periods should be stirred well for a few minutes with a stick or wooden pallet or metal.

If you want to paint with two or more Colours on the ceiling, it is suggested that for a better and cleaner finish use tape (masking tape) where the Colours come together. To loosen it is necessary to wait until the paint dries.
For best results in terms of performance and durability, be sure to clean the surface before painting. Soap and water will remove any dirty space. The thinner will remove grease stains and inks.
The surface must be dry before painting.


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